Ina Fourie, Associate Professor in Information Science at the University of Pretoria delivered a very interesting and insightful presentation on Library and Information Skills in the classroom on Friday 6 November 2009. To view her presentation Click Here!


Dr Marianne Hicks, Lecturer in International Studies at Monash University, South Africa did an interesting presentation on 5  November 2009 on New and Converging Technologies: New and Traditional Media Coming Together. To view her presentation Click Here!

Mr Alton Grizzle, Programme Specialist, Communication and Information Sector at the UNESCO Head Oficce in Paris, France presented a paper on UNESCO’s perspective on Information and Media Literacy on 3 November 2009.

To read his paper click here!

To read Mr Desmond Fillis’ opening remarks Click Here!

“We are proud to be hosting this workshop. When you work with information you work with concepts. We live in a world where there is just such a variety of ways to conceptualize the world and the way we think about the world. Media & Information Literacy is therefore becoming more and more important.

 Who of you are on Facebook? Who of you are on Twitter? I am on Twitter, but I am disguised as the Faculty of Education.  The way in which information has disseminated today is just crucial. My sons on any given day or any given moment know more about the world than I do. They just have a new way of grasping information.  

Strategies such as this one is important because we don’t only work here at Groenkloof, we work in a global world. We work in and for the world. So from my side, welcome and enjoy!”

We trust that you will thoroughly enjoy this conference!